Ferrellgas customers still without propane and waiting for answers

QUEESNBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – More people are coming forward that they’re still without fuel and haven’t received deliveries from their provider Ferrellgas.

This comes days after NEWS10 ABC first reported about frustrated customers not getting their propane.

The weather has been brutal all week, absolutely freezing outside. It’s not hard to imagine not being able to have heat inside your home.

That’s the case for so many people in the greater Capital Region, whose propane tanks have emptied and they haven’t been able to get deliveries from their provider Ferrellgas.

Since Wednesday, NEWS10 ABC has been receiving several calls, Facebook comments and emails from frustrated customers.

Ferrellgas is blaming the delays on the recent cold weather and customers ordering refills at the last minute.

When Ashley Mead, of Queensbury, opens up her propane tank, she see it’s empty. Fuel ran out on Thursday and days later she still hasn’t received a delivery from her provider, Ferrellgas.

“I’ve been calling everyday and I don’t get no answer. They don’t tell me anything. It’s just like they want to push you off the phone,” Mead said.

She first called the company for a refill Monday, when she realized that her tank was running low. It was at 30 percent, the level Ferrellgas recommends its customers to call them for a refill. She expected them to come on Thursday, as they usually do, and she made sure to savor what fuel they had left.

“We would turn the heat down and just like use it little by little,” Mead said.

She’s living here with five other members of her family (including her mom, Robin Alden) and now they’re trying to warm up using kerosene and electric heaters but they have to shut them off when they go to bed.

“We just hope they come,” Alden said. “We did everything we could in the beginning but it’s just out of our control.”

They can’t solve just their problem by hiring another company to fill their tanks, because Ferrellgas owns them. Dozens of people are in the same boat.

For Mead, no fuel also means no cooking on her stove.

“We have a little George Forman that we can put burgers on and that’s about it, and then we’ve got the microwave,” Mead said.

In the meantime, to keep warm, they’re using kerosene and electric heaters. But. that also leaves them worried about the safety, with the risks of using these devices.

“Carbon monoxide and a fire could go off or like the fumes in the air. I have kids in there and I don’t want that,” Mead said.

Ferrellgas told NEWS10 ABC the delays are the result of the extreme cold and customers ordering refills at the last minute. They say they working around clock, but at this point Ashley Mead doesn’t know if she can believe them.

“Usually they’re delivered by Thursday but I’ve been calling every day and I don’t get no answer. They don’t tell me anything. It’s just like they want to push you off the phone,” Mead said. “I’m just hoping they show up, get my propane.”

In response to this situation, NYS Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D – 111th District) is proposing a bill that would allow customers to have another company fill their their tanks in emergency situations.

NYS Senator Jim Tedisco (R – 49th District) is also planning to introduce similar legislation and NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has also taken action against the practices of Ferrellgas and other fuel companies.

New Yorkers should call the NYS Consumer Frauds Complaint System Hotline (1-800-771-7755) or submit a complaint online: https://forms.ag.ny.gov/CIS/consumer-complaints.jsp .


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