Cold, snow, wind don’t stop those in Stockbridge from getting back to routines

STOCKBRIDGE, Mass. (NEWS10) – From snow to extreme cold. Roads are clear and people in Stockbridge are getting back into their daily routines.

For most, they will be heading outside. Despite temperatures falling below zero, people weren’t too worried because they know how to handle it.

Todd Carlson was outside on Friday working on the home he’s constructing.

“It’s not really that bad,” he said.

Carlson was prepared for the weather.

“I have insulated pants, insulated long johns, two or three insulated shirts, and then two sweatshirts,” he explained.

Wearing layers upon layers in subzero temperatures is just common sense for those who live in the Berkshires.

“We live in the Northeast, so we have to be prepared for this type of weather,” Gordie Soule said. “You know, it’s just kind of an automatic thing. We just do it.”

The cold is expected, so Debbie Wiswesser and Mary Boyce know it’s also important to care for their car and to keep certain items inside.

“I always use dry gas in my car, and I always make sure my windshield wiper fluid is full,” Wiswesser said.

“I have blankets, and I may have an emergency kit,” Boyce said.

Taking the extra steps isn’t a big deal for them because the frigid temperatures are what they love about their home.

“I love the snow. I like the weather. I do.”

“It’s nice, clean, fresh air to kind of boost you up.”

Hand and feet warmers are just some items that experts recommend to keep in your car in case you break down.

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