Trains and Toys exhibit brings innovation to MiSci

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The invention of the Central Pacific Railroad was the first railroad built from east to west in 1860, and then the Trans-Continental Railroad came about in 1869 as the first railroad from coast to coast. Since, trains have become one of the most widely used mediums of moving freight in the country.

MiSci (Museum of Innovation and Science) has a great way to see how these trains work up close with train models.

There is a 19×27-foot model train display with running o-gauge trains and various “stations” and scenes (courtesy of Upstate Train Associates).

Additionally, there is 144 square foot, LEGO Cityscape:

  • Constructed by regional native and LEGOLAND master builder, Ian Coffey
  • A complete cityscape replete with buildings and skyscrapers, roads and restaurants, and a variety of metropolitan sights.

More cool items include:

  • “GE Trip Optimizer” train simulation console – get in the driver’s seat of an actual locomotive train.
  • Award-winning cruise control technology for commercial locomotives that calculates exactly how the train should be driven for maximum fuel efficiency and on-time arrival.

NEWS10 will be heading to MiSci to get a better look at the trains and an understanding for the job that train conductors do every day.

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