Several inches of snow blanket the Capital Region during winter storm

(NEWS10) – A winter storm pummeled the Capital Region on Thursday.

The Berkshires was one of the hardest hit areas. Strong winds caused dangerous conditions outdoors, so many people stayed inside at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge.

“I’ve never seen any weather like this before,” Sri Bandi said.

Despite being from Colorado, the strong winds and snow was something different.

“This beats everything,” he said. “This really is incredible. It’s amazing to have this kind of weather and still be able to function.”

While he loved how it looked, he decided to ride out the storm with his family indoors.

Others, however, wanted to check out the snow.

“I love it,” Zach Eisenman, of Westchester, N.Y., said. “It’s so fun to play in.”

“It’s great. I love it,” Josh Eisenman, of Westchester, N.Y., said. “During the middle of summer we’re gonna miss it, so it’s fun to have it now.”

Back in Albany, the snow brought out the best in the community.

Howard Elms has lived in the area for 30 years. He was busy plowing to ensure people were safe on the roads.

And then there was Kenneth Ford. Originally from Jamaica, Thursday’s climate was a little different than what he’s used to.

“It’s always warm there,” he said. “We never see snow. I’m missing that good weather right now.”

But not only did he shovel his own sidewalk, he also worked on his neighbor’s sidewalk as well.

“All day I’ve been looking out my window and watching people stop and help. It’s part of living in the great Northeast, I guess.”

Hans Reinhult stepped outside to clear the sidewalks by his dad’s Stockbridge property.

“Make it nice, less work tomorrow when it’s colder, when it’s windier,” he said. “I’d rather be out here now than then.”

That’s how many are feeling: worried about what’s to come.

“With the weather the way it is, I’m just a little scared,” Bandi said.

Temperatures are expected to reach below zero on Friday and remain there through the weekend.

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