Winterizing your home as subzero temperatures hit region

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The extreme cold can cause major issues to your house, but it’s not too late to prepare for it.

When winterizing your home, experts will use infrared cameras at windows and doors to find cold spots in homes.

Mike Friello, owner of Friello and Sons Home Performance, went to a Latham home on Wednesday. He began his work by sealing the front doorway with a fan that locates where cold air is leaking through the house.

While the fan runs, he took his infrared camera and walked around.

“These look like old windows,” he said. “I would plastic these cause they’re probably single pane windows.”

Windows and doors are big sources of heat loss to help reduce drafts. Friello recommends wrapping windows in plastic and sealing doors.

Cold air can also find its way inside where the pipes come through below sinks. Use spray foam to seal up those holes as well as in certain spots in basements.

“Any penetrations in your basement ceiling as far as mechanical penetrations, pipes going through your floor,” Friello explained.

Wrap your heater, hot water pies and boiler pipes with insulation. With subzero temperatures outside, pipes are more prone to freezing, which could be dangerous to your home and family.

“Flooding, a lot of water damage.”

Friello recommends being proactive to save money and stay safe.

“Take care of it before something does happen because with these subzero temperatures, there’s a good chance that something’s going to happen,” he said.

Many of the fixes can be done on your own. A lot of the items can be found at a local hardware store.

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