Truck drivers brace for major winter storm

CANAAN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As the stormy weather makes its way to the Capital Region, many of those who drive for a living are gearing up for a tough day.

Love’s Truck Stop is right on the New York and Massachusetts border. As the winter storm makes its way to the area, those who have to drive through it say they’re worried.

Truck drivers come from all across the country. They’re used to going through some messy conditions, but Thursday’s storm could be one of the worst.

“It’s a little intense right now, yeah,” Josh Freisen said.

Freisen is from Ontario, Canada. He’s on his way back home from Boston. His plan is to try and beat the snowflakes.

“Trying to get down the road as much as possible to miss the storm,” he said.

But if not, Freisen said he’s ready for it.

“I’m prepared for it, so we’ll see how it goes,” he said.

And then there’s Ben, a driver from Texas.

“Yeah, I haven’t been in cold like this for four decades,” he said. “I don’t like it.”

Ben said snow isn’t the issue, but the ice and wind make him nervous.

“Ten thousand gallons of liquid nitrogen gas back there,” he said.

He said he can’t wait to get back to Texas. And for driver Clifford Graham, who was born in Jamaica, he said he’s used to the cold weather.

He works in the harsh conditions when no one else wants to.

“Get the level four thermals; need the arctic boots, face mask and North Face gloves; then you’re good to go,” he said. “A lot of contractors, they back down. I step up.”

The number one piece of advice the drivers offered was to drive slow. The wind will be whipping snow around and that will make visibility tough.

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