Tenant concerned over frozen pipes in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)  – One week without running water and a local renter says his pipes are frozen and his landlord has stopped returning his calls.

“Pipes are actually burst but no water pouring out because everything is frozen.”

For the past seven days, Mark Vredenburg has been living in this extreme cold with no running water.

All of the pipes are frozen and you can see icicles forming in the basement.

“As long as there is no heat on the first-floor, water is never going to make it to the second floor. It’s going to freeze before.”

Vredenburg rents the upstairs apartment in an Albany home on 3rd Street.

He says no one lives on the ground floor.

In fact, it’s considered uninhabitable by code enforcement

National Grid shut off power to that apartment in October, meaning there is no place here to plug in a heater or thaw the pipes.

“We are aware of it. I just don’t know what else to do other than wait for National Grid,” R.A. DePrima, the landlord, said.

National Grid says they can’t do anything until the property owner transfers the power to his name.

That owner lives in Brooklyn.

DePrima says they would put Vredenburg in a hotel and all it takes is an email.

“We would tell him well pay for a hotel and stuff but he’s never reached out to me.”

Meanwhile, Vredenburg is going on day 8 without water.

He wants the issue resolved before code enforcement condemns his apartment too.

“I don’t want to be on the street with my animals in this type of weather with no place to go

For other tenants going through a similar situation, there is legal aid for tenants rights that offer pro bono work.

Contact Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York for assistance at (518)-462-6765.

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