Dangers over heating propane delivery backlog

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some Capital Region propane gas customers are being left in the cold tonight.

That’s after their supplier was apparently caught off guard by the frigid temperatures.

Knocking on tank, it’s a sound no propane customer ever wants to hear during the winter.

“We ran out around 5 last night,” Tyler Swearingen said.

But it’s not because of an overdue bill.

Swearingen says the Glenville home he shares with his parents, brother, and grandparents is now being warmed by three electric heaters. That’s after their propane supplier Ferrellgas was apparently caught off guard by the surge in propane use when the mercury plummeted.

After waiting on hold for a half an hour, they were told they would have to wait for at least a week.

“They’re saying seven to 10 days. We said we have elderly people living here, can we prioritize it? They said, no we can’t prioritize.”

Swearingen and his family are not alone, not by a long shot. Many are expressing their frustration and anger on Facebook. One person says, ‘Anybody know how to get in touch with Ferrellgas. We are out of gas, so we are out of heat.’ Another says, ‘So here I am since midnight with no heat. Out of fuel on an auto-fill which makes no sense. Never use Ferrellgas.'”

To make matters worse, many Ferrell customers can’t just hire another company for a fill-up.

“If we owned the tank we could go to anyone we wanted. Right now, Ferrellgas owns it so we have to wait it out.”

Ferrellgas issued this statement on Thursday:

“Ferrellgas is working around the clock to make sure our customers receive their propane deliveries. This is a situation that is not unique to Ferrellgas or to propane consumers in New York state. Many propane consumers were caught off guard by how quickly these extreme cold temperatures arrived in the region. We continue to encourage Will Call customers to monitor their propane levels and to contact us when their propane tank is at or near 30%. This gives us plenty of time to schedule the delivery. Those whose tanks reach this level receive postcard and email reminders from us throughout the year. We also continue to encourage Will Call customers to enroll in our Keep Full program, through which we monitor their propane tank levels for them and schedule automatic deliveries. Finally, we are reminding our customers that they can bypass our telephone queue to make a delivery request or pay their propane bill via the Ferrellgas website.”

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