Cat left outside humane society escapes

MENANDS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – With temperatures continuing to below freezing and often dipping into the negatives overnight it’s important to remember the safety of your furry friends.

When staff arrived at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Tuesday morning they found what appeared to be a cat shelter but when they looked inside no cat was to be found.

Bits of kibble are all that remains of this makeshift cat shelter.

“There was food there was treats there was blankets and unfortunately frozen water,” Michael Buckley, VP of Philanthropy and External Affairs, said.

Buckley with the humane society says staff then checked security cameras and saw this.

“That cat was could have been here for 14 or 15 hours before anyone got to it.”

The cat escaped the small sanctuary and ran away.

The concern becoming about the bitter cold the feline is now facing.

“It’s so cold out whatever kind of dog or cat, they deserve to be in a safe warm environment.”

New York State law requires shelter and water for animals left in the cold.

Senator Jim Tedisco (R-Glenville) wants the penalty to go from a current violation to something more serious.

“We think it should be a felony,” Sen. Tedisco said.

He has new legislation in the works to do just that.

Meanwhile, Buckley and others at the humane society are trying to find the abandoned cat.

“We’ve set traps around our property in hopes of catching that cat in hopes of getting him checked and treated and to a new home if possible.”

If the humane society isn’t open, or you see a stray animal, Buckley suggests calling your local animal control officer for help.

They have room for up to 200 cats at the shelter. If you find a stray or have a pet that you can’t take care of anymore there’s a place for them here.

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