Drive safe, smart: Tips on what to look out for when temperatures drop

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The extremely cold weather makes it hard to get out of bed, but it’s even harder on your car.

Oil, batteries and tires are just a few things drivers need to think about to prepare vehicles as temperatures dip below zero.

“We’ve gotten pretty much flooded in over the weekend,” Ian Manson said. “We’ve pretty much cleared our entire battery inventory.”

Manson is an auto technician at Pep Boys in Albany. He said he alone has removed 30 dead batteries in one day. While there isn’t much you can do if a battery dies, there are a few ways to try and keep it safe.

“Leave it on trickle charges overnight,” Manson suggested. “Heated garages help.”

Using a thinner oil in the winter is also another way to avoid making a trip in for repairs.

“The thicker the oil, the more heat it takes to thin it out,” Manson explained. “Generally, you want just a tad bit thinner in the winter.”

As far as tire pressure, ensuring tires are in good shape is important, especially if you travel long distances to work.

“You just come in and get it topped back off, but if it drops dramatically, you could get a blow out or something,” Manson said of tire pressure.

Mostly, Manson’s tips protect drivers from one big thing.

“So you’re not broke down in the frigid, which is the worst time to be broke down,” he said.

So drive safe and smart this winter to hopefully avoid an expensive repair bill.

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