Crime fighting technology leads to arrests in Troy quadruple homicide

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Technology helped police locate the two men police believe are responsible for the quadruple homicide in Troy.

“The major proportion of the investigation centered on technological devices if you will,” Troy Police Chief John Tedesco said.

Those technological devices can be just important as forensics in this day and age. If Saturday’s press conference taught us nothing else, the use of technology was instrumental in locating suspects James White and Justin Mann.

“There are a lot of street cameras in a lot of cities and in private residences that do help us in a lot of investigations,” Major Robert Patnaude, Commanding Officer of Troop G, said.

It was not just street cameras that police suggested helped them along the way, the State Police Computer Crimes Unit also aided in the investigation. They could have also looked through more than just computers in the case.

“Videos, phones, that type of thing. They were involved in all aspects of technology,” Maj. Patnaude said.

The use of this kind of technology helps explain how police traced Mann and White from the basement apartment in Troy to Mann’s residence in Schenectady. The two were arrested there three days later.

“Technology has just been a tremendous asset,” Former Troy Police Captain John Cooney said.

Cooney says before turning to red light cams and cell towers, investigators often begin with social media.

“Once you see the social media you see who’s out there talking to who and if there’s any beef on the street or anything like that, now we go to the scene and do our incident investigation,” Cooney said.

Cooney says police left no stone unturned and no camera unchecked during the investigation.

“The resource we have now of residents being much more aware with many of the very affordable packages that are available to the homeowner to start watching the front and back of your house,” Cooney said.

According to state police, this high tech investigation is still ongoing.

Through cell phones through cell towers through video, everything that’s available to us will be thoroughly examined.

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