First Night Saratoga to go on despite extreme cold

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The stages are set for First Night Saratoga as organizers are preparing for the city’s huge New Year’s Eve bash.

Fortunately, almost all of the action will be indoors.

A button is your golden ticket to getting inside warm venues to watch bands, comedians, and magicians.

A little cold never bothered Alix Jones, who starts planning First Night Saratoga in March! He coordinates nine vendors and more than 70 performing groups.

“Some groups like the Saratoga Youth Symphony have 40 kids in them. Other groups, it’s just a solo performer. Comedy Works has three different comedians,” Jones said.

At the City Center, its stages are set.

“Really it’s emblematic of Saratoga Springs, how the arts community and business community come together to put out an event that no other city in the state can do, certainly not of our size,” Ryan McMahon, Executive Director at City Center, said.

Though most of the excitement happening indoors, organizers are prepared for the extreme cold. People can expect heaters along Broadway.

The jury is still out on whether it will be too cold for some.

“At this point, we are undecided. If it’s this cold, I don’t think so,” Matt Kandath, of Saratoga Springs, said.

“It’s alright. It’s winter, what do you expect?” Cameron Anderson, of Saratoga Springs, said.

“We figured it would be a little better to be able to go into all the little places that we’ve been wanting to but may not necessarily go to if it’s warm out,” Sarah Merchant, of Saratoga Springs, said.

Don’t forget, the brave souls ready to grin and bear it for the city’s 5K Sunday night.

“My friend’s girlfriend is coming into town from Boston and she needs someone to run with so just trying to be a nice guy,” Bruce Steves, of Saratoga Springs, said.

Sometimes, the cold is just enough to draw people out of their homes and cozy up with friends and family as the clock strikes 12.

“It’s interesting. we’ve had cold years before. Two of those around-zero-degree years have been some of our most well-attended years believe it or not,” Jones said.

CDTA will shuttle people to and from the different venues.

Only one band had to cancel due to the extreme cold, which is understandable since their stage would have been outside.

Parking and Road Closures for First Night

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