Busy day for heating repair companies as bitterly cold temperatures hit the Capital Region

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – At least another week of bitter cold and some homeowners are already waking up with broken heaters.

This time of year companies like Mohawk Heating and Cooling are slamming.

They are getting a lot of “no heat” calls, and today is not the day you want to be without heat

Dustin Cuoco from Mohawk Heating and Cooling was on his sixth call of the day at noon.

That’s because many homeowners are waking up without heat! Furnaces are crashing thanks to the frigid temperatures.

“It’s been quite busy the last few days. Systems are overworking and older systems are, perhaps, just getting to their limit at this point,” Cuoco said. “A lot of simple repairs and major repairs going on right now.”

Technicians remind homeowners they can keep their heaters from failing in the brutal cold by checking filters to keep it from overheating and reviewing the outside of your home.

Terri Wheeler from Wheeler Heating and Cooling in Schenectady says snow and ice can easily build up on vent pipes and stop your furnace from running.

“It’s pretty wise to go out and make sure it hasn’t iced over or somebody hasn’t placed a piece of plywood or garbage pail over top of one because it will stop your furnace from running.”

When the weather is this cold, technicians say keep your thermostat at one steady temperature. Adjusting it by even five degrees can overwork your heater and cause some major issues.

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