White Christmas fun in Capital Region

Credit: Pixabay

CAPITAL REGION (NEWS10) – Santa Claus brought the presents but Mother Nature delivered the White Christmas. People in the Capital Region woke up to find a blanket of snow on the ground.

For many, it meant getting to work. “We’ll be out roughly 10 to 12 hours plowing the road,” said Bill, a plow driver. “That’s our job, it’s all hands on deck when we go plowing so everybody is in.”

Paula, who owns a store in Latham was busy keeping her sidewalk clear. “You gotta get it done, so you mine as well stay on top of it while you can,” she said. “I have to be ready because I’m going to be in and out all day today.”

Roger Young works at a gas station in Schenectady. He’s originally from Tennessee and while he’s still getting used to the snow, he knows how to take care of those who are clearing the roads. “Coffee to keep them on the road. We’ve had a lot of plow drivers in this morning.”

In Cohoes, Dozer, and his human friend Brian Peters won’t let the snow keep them from their daily walk, “He loves the snow,” Peters said. “Morning walks whether it’s snowing, raining, whatever.”

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