Group helping kids in crisis during the holidays

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – For many, Christmas is about families coming together to celebrate the season. One local non-profit is giving families the essentials to make sure kids in crisis situations have a merry Christmas.

Rayn Bonci opened Things of My Very Own 10 years ago. “We provide crisis intervention services for children who have been impacted by extensive abuse or neglect,” she said.

Rayn was all too familiar with the realities of foster care. “When I was 14 I was placed in the foster care system and they said I was getting a foster sister,” said Bonci. “I was so excited I was getting a sister, this was the best gift that I could ever receive.” She added, “when she arrived she was 14, overweight and came in wearing clothing that would’ve fit a small nine-year-old.”

And that’s when Bonci made a startling discover. “So one night I saw her change her bed and she had these reddish purple welts on her skin from where her clothing would have injured her”, said Bonci. “So I made a silent promise to her that when I grew up I would do something to help children with her and I in the world.”

The objective to her organization is to keep families together by giving them the things children need to stay out of the foster system. “So in order to provide a standard age package for child we have to give them 5 to 7 pairs of pants right now we need adult sizes as well for these teens if we’re going to keep the children with their non abusive parents and out of the foster care system.”

This holiday season, Things of My Very Own was busier than ever. Bonci said none of this would be possible without donations, especially money. “As a nonprofit organization, if a mattress in particular has a $1,300 retail value, we can purchase 126 of these mattresses for $7,000 which breaks down to about $58 apiece.

To make a donation, visit Things of My Own website,



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