Greyhound seeing high numbers of travelers for holiday season

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Greyhound is expecting more than one million customers over the holiday season.

With just three days until Christmas, the Greyhound bus station in downtown Albany will be sending out around 50 buses in all different directions in order to get people to their holiday destinations.

“Today is a busy day,” Adirondack Trailways Senior Dispatcher Dan Guard said. “It’s going to be busy, the weather is slowing us down a little bit, but people seem to be in good spirits so far.”

Samantha Phillips lives in Troy, but this year, she decided to spend the holidays in Paris. Her journey started at the bus station.

“This is the first leg, so I’m catching the Greyhound bus to Manhattan and the Port Authority, and then I have to take another train to JFK, and then I’m leaving tonight. And then my girlfriend is picking me up in Paris tomorrow morning!”

Pat Keefe, of Wynantskill, is trying to get to Boston to be with her 4-year-old twin grandsons.

“It’s a great age for Christmas time,” she said. “They went out and picked out their tree. Their very serious about all of this.”

While the weather is causing some minor delays, riders said taking the bus is still less of a headache for them than if they had to drive.

“The bus is running a little late, but that’s okay,” Keefe said. “I just don’t want to deal with the Mass Pike, and Greyhound is great at getting you over there in one piece.”

“I left early because I wanted to pad it in case anything happens or snow or holiday travelers,” Phillips said. “I’ve taken this bus before. It’s smooth and this way I can be nice and relaxed and look at my Paris books while I’m on the bus and write to friends and wish them happy holidays as I’m headed off.”

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