Braving winter weather for last minute shopping

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The wintry weather didn’t deter people from finishing up their Christmas shopping and traveling home for the holidays.

Slick roads on the Thruway and some snow on the ground isn’t stopping last minute shoppers.

“I thought I’d browse the mall.”

“It’s Christmastime. We’re shopping.”

At the Guilderland rest stop, holiday travelers like Skylar and her dog Moxy are taking a much needed break.

“She’s ready for Christmas, and she doesn’t like the driver, either,” Skylar said.

On her way from Syracuse to Maine, she’s seen the roads steadily improve.

“We left about five this morning,” she said.

Before the sun came up in Amsterdam, there was a good amount of snowfall on Route 30 hindering the morning commute for some.

“You got to have it. I could do without it, but then I’d have to move out of state.”

But proving to be a welcome surprise for others.

“I actually enjoy driving in the snow. That’s why I got this car. It’s like a snowmobile on the road.”

But drivers heading to see family for Christmas know to take it slow.

“Yeah, it’s a little hectic, but you know, you got to expect it. It’s the holiday, right?”

Staying safe so everyone on the road gets to spend the holiday with their loved ones.

“I’ve got my 83-year-old mother with us, and she’s been a really good trooper. Getting in and out of a pickup is not her favorite.”

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