Restoration work continues following massive Cohoes fire

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Work continues on Remsen Street weeks after a massive fire.

Mattresses and couches are just some of the items at the Warehouse of Professional Fire Restoration.

In Cohoes, there are signs of restoration less than a month after the raging fire.

“I had one of the tenants calling me and he’s like oh there’s a fire next door and he’s taking pictures next door and I’m like get out of the building,” Melissa Riddle, building owner, said.

Riddle looks out her second story window to a pile of rubble. She’s happy the building that’s been in her family for four generations didn’t end up the same way.

“When I peeked inside the second floor, you couldn’t even see past the second room, it was so full of smoke.”

But not anymore. The team Professional Fire Restoration has worked around the clock, deordizing, drying out, and restoring this and other buildings.

“I try to tell them as bad as it looks, I see three to four months down the road, I know what it’s going to look like and it’s going to be gorgeous,” DJ Johnson, Owner at Professional Fire Restoration, said.

Johnson showed us piles of smokey furniture and belongings that are brought to their warehouse. The soot is wiped off every piece and rid of its smokey smell in a special room.

“If we take it out of here it’s going to come out smelling fresh.”

In fact, you’d never know that just weeks ago smoke had filled the historic Smith’s Restaurant. Water was even running down from the ceiling.

“Everything was stained and soaking wet.”

After extensive cleanup, it’s open for business. More importantly than saving structures, Johnson says is the boxes filled with pictures and memories.

“These are the things we kind of go the extra mile on and really don’t get paid for.”

Back at Riddle’s place, cleaning alone has amounted to $11,000. She’s counting on insurance to cover the work, including a hole firefighters poked in the ceiling. She’s surprised at how soon her tenants will be coming home.

“Very, very pleased,” Riddle said. “DJ always does a great job.”

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