Chihuahua that escaped from animal hospital found safe

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A little chihuahua tried to make a daring escape from an animal hospital ended up having to survive two frigid days and nights outside.

His name is Cole and to his owners the Bayes family he’s one lucky dog.

Joan Msyzdek says it happened after she dropped Cole off here at the Amsterdam Animal Hospital on Tuesday, the night before he was to undergo a procedure. But, she got a disturbing call a few hours later.

“They said Mrs. Msyzdek we have a problem, would you please bring your granddaughter down because the dog got out. Well I went berzerk and I said ‘how does a dog get of its cage?'”

She says the staff told her Cole likely escaped during a potty break outside in a penned in area.

“He had a leash, why didn’t they just tie him to the post of the cage? Or, just hold him? He’s not a 150-pound dog.”

All searches by the staff and friends and family came up empty-handed. That first night, Joan’s granddaughters Anna and Abby were distraught.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Abby said.

The animal hospital sits right across the road from Amsterdam Printing where Joan works. After two days and nights, Cole was spotted in the parking lot and Abby and Anna’s father quickly drove over and that’s when Cole made his move.

“He ran across the parking lot and across the road,” Anna said. “My father gets out of his car and he runs over. He holds him up like this, I got him.”

The animal clinic said they were busy with surgeries and didn’t have the time to make a comment about the incident.

Back in the arms of his humans, we all wondered with temperatures below freezing, how was it that Cole survived two whole days? The girls think maybe he hid under a porch or under a warm engine of a car in the lot.

Because of the time of year, Joan believes it was more divine intervention.

“God looks after fools and animals.”

Whether he’s foolish or just plain luck dog, Cole knows he’s getting some extra treats.

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