Man found guilty in hit-and-run that killed Guardsman

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A man accused in a hit and run that left a National Guardsman dead was found guilty in Albany County Court on Wednesday.

It was nearly one year ago that a National Guardsman was hit by a car and left for dead in the road under this bridge.

Now the driver of that accident is headed to jail.

Brian Tromans found guilty of leaving the scene of an accident without reporting and tampering with physical evidence.

The crash happened in January of 2017 and lead to the death of Master Sgt. Rudy Seabron.

“The world is probably a worse place now that Master Sgt. Seabron isn’t here.”

Tromans’ Attorney Lee Kindlon said outside court his client never thought he hit a person.

“We’ve all had that experience where something happens in a second or two seconds and you can’t decipher everything that happens in that moment.”

Assistant District Attorney David Szalda says Tromans took elaborate steps to cover up the crime.

“Try to hide himself and the Mazda and try to cover up the damage that Sgt. Seabron’s body did to his vehicle.”

Even so, criminally negligent homicide the most serious crime originally brought against Tromans was dropped.

“I don’t think it provides anyone in any situation on either side of the courtroom any kind of solace but it’s something.”

Assistant District Attorney Mary Tanner-Richter credits the Colonie Police Department for literally piecing parts of Tromans’ car together providing them with the evidence they needed for this trial.

“This case would never have gotten to this office or to court if not for the amazing work of Colonie Police.”

Kindlon says Tromans is remorseful.

“He’s a decent guy who just made a mistake.”

Szlada says there are no signs that Tromans is sorry for what happened.

“Absolutely no sincere remorse for the fact that he killed a man on that road. He was sorry he got caught.”

A memorial remembering Master Sgt. Rudy Seabron and members of the National Guard in court to show their support.

Tromans will be sentenced on February 9th.

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