Christmas decoration stolen from Colonie woman’s porch

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A real life Grinch could be loose in the Capital Region.

Christmas decorations were stolen off a Colonie woman’s porch, and now others are worried theirs could be next.

“I love Christmas,” Norma Tarullo said.

Tarullo can’t get enough of the holidays.

“It’s about love and giving and what you can do for others,” she said.

But the season for giving turned into something else entirely on Monday morning.

“I saw a light pull up and go by the house,” Tarullo explained. “I thought it was our neighbor’s paper girl delivering the paper.”

But it wasn’t. Instead, when she walked outside her Iris Lane home a few hours later, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“It was gone. Stolen. Taken.”

Someone had walked onto her porch and took the light up snowman decoration.

“It was plugged right here,” she said. “So they actually came right up to the porch area.”

Tarullo said the decoration has been in the family for years.

“We had it all this time,” she said. “My kids grew up with it. My grandkids love it.”

Now that it’s gone, neighbors have taken notice.

“It’s a shame,” David Harding said. “It’s like the Grinch. Someone stole Christmas.”

Harding lives two houses over. He decorates his house with a light device.

“I bring it out every night,” he said. “Set it down around here.”

But now, he said he’ll be bringing it inside when he goes to bed.

And then there are the McAlisters. They have a yard full of decorations. They also have cameras installed.

“It’s supposed to be a happy time of year and someone comes along and does something like that,” Frank McAlister said.

Colonie police said it’s the only major theft they’ve heard of this season.

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