Jury finds Ted Mero guilty in double murder case

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A jury has found Ted Mero guilty in a double murder case.

Mero was found guilty of both counts of second-degree murder and both counts of tampering with physical evidence.

The former Albany Water Department employee was accused of killing his former roommate Megan Cunningham in 2013 and another woman, Shelby Countermine, in 2014. Countermine’s  body was found along a city water department access road. 

Back in 2013, Cunningham’s badly burned body was discovered inside the charred remains of the Albany apartment house she and Mero shared. At the time, the fire was determined to be accidental. Although investigators did question Mero, they also based much of their investigation on his account of the night.

Lori Dean was determined to be at the trial every day, even as she heard horrible things about her daughter Shelby. She says when the verdict was read, she felt like her daughter was right beside her.

“I felt my daughter right next to me the whole time and I finally felt like God was saying, ‘your girl is gone, she’s with me and I’m not going to let the rest of the world think that she was worthless.’ She was taken by a monster and he will pay for that and I’m thankful for that.”

During the trial, Dean heard things no mother should ever hear. Details of how her daughter died and even listened to videotaped interviews where Mero said he wasn’t sure if he killed Shelby.

There was also the way the defense painted Shelby as nothing more than a drug addict, who sold herself to feed her habit.

Mero admitted to paying several times for sex, including the day he killed her.

“She was so much more than that she wanted to have a home and a life and then it spiraled out of control and then she trusted someone and he took her life away from her.”

Shelby’s mom and grandfather say Shelby left behind two little sisters and an extended family who loved her. Lori says she also feels for the family of Cunningham.

Mero will be sentenced in February. He faces the rest of his life behind bars.

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