Schenectady Police Department facing lawsuit after case of mistaken identity

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s a case of mistaken identity, one that landed a local man in the hospital.

Now he’s suing the police department he believes is responsible.

Roger Brooks is still shaken up.

“The police drew their guns; they pulled out, made everybody come out of the store.”

He works at lifestyle the juice bar on Bradley Street.

He tells me about an incident back in September on Friday. Police were looking for a robbery suspect and forced him and his co-workers outside.

As Brooks crossed the street he overheard a description of the man they were looking for.

“I heard the officer say it was a black guy with gray on.”

The same thing he was wearing. What happened next shocked him.

“He took my hand and he grabbed my wrist and he banged me up against the back of the car. My baseball cap fell off and he bust my lip on the window.”

Brooks says he couldn’t believe it.

“His knee was on the back of my neck right here. I had blood all over my face. My shirt was full with blood.”

Brooks says a witness told police they had the wrong guy. They let him go, and Brooks’ son-in-law drove him to the hospital.

He needed four stitches on his lip and says he had bruised ribs.

Now he’s filing a lawsuit against the police department.

Police say they are not commenting on any on-going legal cases.

According to the paperwork, Brooks is asking for $5,000 to pay for his hospital bill.

“They are definitely trying to brush this aside. It makes me feel like I ain’t nobody.”

There is also another case of Schenectady man, suing the police department for the way they treated him.

Police declined to comment on either issue.

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