Closing arguments for double murder trial held

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Closing arguments were heard on Thursday in a case of a man accused of killing two women.

Jurors listen in to a total of four hours of closing arguments. They will need to decide on not one but, two cases.

The alleged murder of his roommate and a the killing of a woman he was paying for sex.

Ted Mero’s attorney began by tearing apart the case involving Megan Cunningham. Mero’s roommate whose body was found in the charred remains of their Albany apartment house in January of 2013.

Cheryl Coleman reminded jurors that even though they could not find a direct cause, fire investigators had determined it was accidental.

Coleman said it was only after the body of Shelby Countermine was discovered that the prosecution tried to lump both cases together. She added that as a drug-addicted prostitute, the pool of potential killers was endless.

The prosecution said there’s no way Mero could be so unlucky to be connected to two dead women who died in such violent ways.

Mero admitted to paying Shelby for sex a number of times and in December of 2014 when police say she disappeared.

They say it’s no coincidence that Shelby’s beaten remains were discovered on a little-known access road owned by the city of Albany’s Water Department. As a water employee, Mero knew the place well.

The prosecution also reminded jurors of the testimony from Mero’s former co-workers, who claim he made odd comments about fires including, how they could make problems go away.

“His words are a window into his mind. And that repeats in the evidence you see. The defendant, it’s almost like he can’t help himself. It’s like a form of Tourettes like he’s talking and he’s betraying his thoughts,” David Rossi, Albany County DA’s Office, said.

“Nobody calls it a murder nobody calls it intentionally set the fire. The reasonable doubts are palpable the reasonable doubts huge,” Coleman said.

That’s Mero’s attorney talking about the 2013 fire.

Jurors are in the process of deliberating.

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