Clean up continues after Tuesday’s winter storm

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Glens Falls is one of the spots getting a fair amount of snowfall on Tuesday.

So far they’ve got eight to nine inches in Glens Falls.

People are dealing with the weather differently all over the place whether you’re moving it or playing in it.

From Saratoga up to Glens Falls, the snow is finally here.

“It’s just so pretty and I love skiing and I just love how clean it looks.”

Jordan Weiss says she loves the snow.

“I was in my room jumping around I was so excited.”

She convinced her friend Lilia Settler to venture into the winter wonderland.

“I wasn’t going to but then she asked me to come sledding and so we’re waiting for other people and go sledding.”

The pair hard at work building snowmen.

Meanwhile, in Glens Falls, others were focused on clearing their driveways and sidewalks.

“It started out light and fluffy and now it’s a little stickier and heavier.”

Rik Jordan was out for another round of shoveling.

“My wife and I cleared it once this morning and I took her to work and I came back and did it a second time and now I’m cleaning up.”

While Alan Monroe and his daughter Linda Decker broke out the snow blower for the first time this season.

“The air is nice it’s clear. The snow is white. Now that it’s white, we don’t need anymore snow.”

“It’s a little heavier but it’s going okay. It’s the first time were using the machine this year.”

Then there’s Joe Pickering who owns snowball tree farm.

“We’re just out here shoveling and shaking off the trees trying to clear a path for the customers having a great time doing it.”

No matter how you handle the snow this time around, there’s sure to be plenty more days like this one throughout the winter season.

Some of this snow turning to rain so if you’re on your evening commute be careful on the roads.

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