12/12 Pet Connection: Kane

• American Staffordshire terrier mix,
• male,
• 2 years,
• 70 lbs.

Kane ended up in rescue for nothing that he did. The family just no longer had time for him…so sad.

He loves to play with other dogs, and when he gets his body up to speed, he sounds like a passing freight train. But don’t let that make you think he’s always on the go! Inside he is a calm guy that just wants to burrow under his favorite blanket.

Kane currently lives with his foster family, which includes 5 other dogs of various shapes and sizes, and he fits right in. Great with kids too; he’s just a lovable guy.

Kane would love to be hiking and going for long walks as long as he can snuggle and be a couch potato at night. Kane seems to be good with cats but a meet and greet may be necessary with any families with cats to confirm.

He has a sweet personality, and every once in awhile, he will sneak a kiss in.

Peppertree Rescue (518) 435-7425

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