Locals brace for significant snowfall

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Many are getting ready for the long winter ahead with snow in the forecast.

Bill Kane is the supervisor at Ace Hardware in South Glens Falls. With winter flakes in the forecast, it’s all hands on deck.

He remembers the scene last March.

“We just get everything geared up,” he said. “We have all the salt and all the shovels out at our store.”

Not just inside but outside, too, with a snow plow.

“Keep the parking clear; I gotta keep it good and keep it safe,” he said.

Some people are like Barnaby Jones and stock up for the months ahead.

“We’re just looking for something with a metal edge, get real close to the pavement,” he said about shopping for a snow shovel.

Others are like Frank Falcone who are heading north to go skiing.

“That’s actually the reason I’m going,” he said. “I’m chasing the storm.”



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