“Mind-Up” to lower stress during the holidays for local students

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Brown School is encouraging Capital Region families to keep stress in check and have a “mindful” holiday season.

The “Mind-Up” program teaches students the parts of their brain, how it works and teaches them techniques to help focus on their school work.

The Brown School was the first in the country to implement the program and has seen success in the classroom because of it.

It’s not neuroscience, but the students are learning the key parts of the brain and the science behind how the brain influences their thinking, emotions and behavior.

Kids learn things like breathing techniques; they learn that taking a brain break can help keep the brain from getting tired.

Interactives are designed to get students thinking about how their decisions affect others, hopefully they’ll become more empathetic to the world around them.

The idea is that once students start making associations between what they are thinking, how they are feeling and how they are acting. They can make more “mindful” choices; it’s helping kids become more present in the moment, and more responsible for their actions.

The hope is that the students will learn these techniques and practice them at home to help the whole family have a stress free holiday season.

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