Kitchen classics that every home chef needs

(NEWS10) – Here are some must haves for kitchen survival till the end of time:

  • TUPPERWARE: The company has a 71 year old tradition that is unrivaled by many. The unique aspect of Tupperware is the ability to purchase multiple containers in various sizes and shapes all in one package. Many storage suppliers such as Glad and Ziploc have tried to replicate the durability and versatility of Tupperware products.


  • PYREX: Much like their plastic cousins, Tupperware, Pyrex glassware has a durability produced by few. Their products never seem to break and are perfect for all hot and cold storage of dishes. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, which is great for heating up and keeping clean.


  • CUTCO: When a recently graduated college student peddles these knives at your doorstep, you might want to seriously consider their offer. Since their inception in 1949, Cutco has sold more than 16 million of their trusted knives and carry a forever warranty for their blades made in America.


  • CALPHALON: An industry leader in non-stick baking and cooking items, their high quality pans guarantee some of the most “even cooked” recipes you’ll find. Great for muffins, cookies, brownies or even creating your favorite dips, a 10-piece set can last a lifetime of culinary experimentation.


  • CLASSIC CAN OPENER: The can opener has been adapted over the years and even has been mounted to cupboards and counter tops. But, no gimmick can out-do the classic hand held can opener. Whether opening a can of tuna to make a sandwich or getting all your ingredients ready to make Italian “sauce,” nothing beats the reliability of the smooth cut of the iconic can opener.

For more products that are guaranteed to last in the kitchen generations over, read this MSN article.

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