Community support continues after major fire in Cohoes

COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The City of Cohoes is coming together to raise money for fire victims this weekend as work continues on the burned-out block.

A nearby fire department is also dealing with some damage of its own.

The raging fire in Cohoes destroyed three buildings, damaged 30, and left a Watervliet fire truck out of commission.

Chief RobertCconlen says at one point, its tires were on fire, lights melted, and a pump panel burned out. It’s too early to know how much damage was done, but buying a new one would cost a whopping $1 million.

“Obviously we’re hoping the damage is as minimal as possible because obviously, the cost is a big concern”

The chief hopes state funds will be available. The cost of the inferno reaching beyond the confines of Cohoes where crews and heavy equipment remain.

As work continues here on Remsen Street, so too does preparations for a celebration. A stage will be front and center for Saturday’s Winterfest, where some of the proceeds will go to the fire victims.

With a backdrop of ply-wood and chain link fences, the goal is to raise recovery funds. Another fundraiser planned for next weekend, also hoping to strike gold.

Cohoes Bowl has been a fixture in the community for more than 50 years and it’s teaming up with Awards by Walsh’s for a night of bowling, music, and t-shirts.

Steve Pesta says so far sponsors have drummed up more than $11,000 to have their name on the back of this Cohoes Strong shirt.

Pesta says the amount of support goes to show, that it’s a community that would give the shirt off its back “to help neighbors in need.”

It goes to say about people in Cohoes and everyone is looking at a way to give back and help.

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