County executives speak out on GOP tax plan

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The federal tax bill passed in both the Senate and the House, but as the final details are still being worked out between the two houses, groups across the state are still urging the Congressional delegation to do what they can to save the state and local tax deductions.

County executives from across the state had a message on Thursday not only for Congress but President Donald Trump himself. They are reminding them what state and local tax deductions mean for a state like New York.

“Urging the president, who is a fellow New Yorker, to step forward and protect our region and our state,” Steve Bellone, Suffolk County Executive, said.

The County Executives stress again the impact that the loss of SALT deductions would have on middle-class homeowners and property value.

“New York can no longer afford to lose more population from this state due to many reasons like not being able to deduct income taxes and property taxes,” Stephen Acquario, Executive Director at NYSAC, said.

The county executives say that this is not a partisan issue.

On a conference call earlier this week, Governor Andrew Cuomo said it was treasonous to support this bill and called out Congressional Republicans. Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro, a Republican, who is considered to be a possible candidate to run against the governor, took a very different stance.

“It’s inappropriate. It’s not becoming from a president or a governor to say to people that your particular political position is akin to treason. If, in fact, you hope to have those people work to provide leadership for a real problem.”

Molinaro says even though some taxpayers will feel the burden of the loss of SALT Deductions, it’s up to state leaders to reduce this high tax burden.

“I hope that what is now a clear and obvious concern in this federal tax bill will result in leaders stepping forward to find real solutions to drive down the burden on taxpayers.”

Right now, the tax bill from the House and the Senate is being hashed out in committee to reconcile the two bills. The goal is to have the bill in President Trump’s hands before Christmas.

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