Lansingburgh hit and run crash under investigation

LANSINGBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – One man is asking for your help in identifying two people who hit his car, causing thousands of dollars in damages and then drove away!

Imagine you come home to find this type of damage on your car, that’s exactly what happened to one man here in Lansingburgh. What he saw when he checked his surveillance footage was shocking.

“They had hit my car, pushed it about five feet forward and took off. Got out of the car, actually switched seats, and took off.”

When Anthony Pasinello noticed a huge chunk taken out of his car over the weekend, he immediately went to his security cameras.

“I was just mind blown. Me and my neighbor just couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”

Two men hit his car then the driver and passenger switched places and left.

“It just scares me that someone would take off that quick. They didn’t even check to see if anybody was okay or maybe just be the nice person and leave a note on top of the car.”

Now, he’s looking for help to identify them and get some answers.

“I reported it to police and the police basically told me there’s nothing they can do without a license plate.”

Colonie Police Lt. Rob Donnelly says often crimes get solved using help from the community.

“I’m sure the police will probably rely on tips from the public, which is quite often how we do get leads.”

DMV statistics show more than 115,000 property damage crashes across upstate New York in 2016.

Lt. Donnelly says Colonie deals with a couple hit and runs per week and general property damage cases can rank relatively low on the priority list.

“If you have other cases. A lot of other cases or more serious cases where people are injured or even killed. Those take priority.”

He says if an investigator has time there are other steps that can be taken.

“Whether he was able to for example canvass the area for more cameras, or even a chance to talk to people in the neighborhood.”

Pasinello is now dealing with nearly $3,000 worth of damage and says he just wants the guys responsible to be held accountable.

“I’m really hoping that someone would come forward and let me know who did this to my car.”

Troy Police were unavailable to comment on the status of the investigation.

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