Deer carcasses found at boat launches in Saratoga County

SARATOGA COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The DEC is investigating the discovery of nearly 20 deer carcasses left to rot near two Saratoga County Boat launch sites.

The hunter who found them wants to know who’s responsible.

“I wanted people to be aware of what’s happening.”

What’s happening near two Boat launches in Saratoga County is deeply disturbing.

“There’s a lot of meat there, a lot of deer.”

Deer shot and killed, the meat left to rot.

Sportsman Josh Warner spotted the carcasses while scouting for good fishing spots at the Nolan Road Boat Launch and the Roger’s Island Pool Boat Launch. 

At first, it was just a few.

“Came back a week later and found 12 more.”

Walking the length of the road he showed us more than a dozen killed and discarded deer. 

Some even stuffed in garbage bags. 

Most were young does and one young buck. 

“He was just shot, killed and dumped. When I hunt, I hunt to feed my family. I don’t hunt to kill them and throw them on the side of the road.”

The disgusted hunter feels it’s all the work of poachers, so he took his frustration to Facebook by posting videos.

“The law should be stricter on what’s happening here.”

The DEC says they are aware of the situation and are investigating.

That this clearly illegal and considered improper disposal of the animals.

Here in the Northern Zone, the Regular deer hunting season ended on Sunday. With a short muzzleloader season having started on Monday, the DEC says it’s legal to take young bucks, and if you have a special permit, does as well.

What happened at these sites is definitely outside of the law.

“I hope and pray to God that they get caught because then it will be an eye-opener for everybody else.”

The Department of Environmental Conservation is asking for the public’s help. If you know anything about this case you’re asked to give them a call. 

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