NY AG’s Office launches site to check for misused identities in FCC net neutrality comment process

Eric Schneiderman

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The New York Attorney General’s Office launched a website to help New Yorkers report misused identities in the FCC’s public comment process on net neutrality.

The Attorney General’s Office launched the website after it says it’s been investigating the “submission of enormous numbers of fake comments on the possible repeal of net neutrality using real Americans’ identities” for the past six months.

The office says people living in California, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and possibly others were possibly victimized in the same way.

New Yorkers can search whether their identities have been misused and assist in Attorney General Schneiderman’s investigation by heading to ag.ny.gov/fakecomments and taking the following steps:

Go to the FCC comment system webpage where you can search for filed comments.

Search for comments that may have misused your identity:

  1. Locate the “Search Full Text” field at the top of the search form and enter your first and last name (no initial). (The search page does not allow you to use the “Name of Filer” field to search on your first and last name, so make sure you use the “Search Full Text” field.)
  2. Click the “Search” button at the bottom of the web page.
  3. If results appear, click on any comment that uses your name, and when the comment appears review the name, the address, and the comment text.  (If no results appear, your identity most likely was not misused.)

If any comment you review uses your name in combination with your current or past address without your permission, locate the ID number on the upper left of the comment page and fill out the form at ag.ny.gov/fakecomments.

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