Documents reveal evidence against man accused of killing 2 women in the Capital Region

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A man accused of murdering two women will stand trial in the coming weeks.

New court documents give insight into what evidence we could see during that trial.

The two documents outline some of the evidence we could see in Ted Mero’s upcoming trial, including a statement he allegedly made to other inmates and things he said to police prior to being arrested.

Megan Cunningham perished in January 2013 fire and nearly two years later Shelby Countermine went missing. Her body was found in May of 2015.

The thing they have in common? Mero who police say buried Countermine’s body in a shallow grave in Coeymans.

Both include information from hearings where Mero’s Defense Attorney Cheryl Coleman attempted to suppress information from being used in the trial.

The first details Mero’s interactions with police following the discovery of Countermine’s body.

The documents say Mero sat through a four-hour long interview with police and “had expressed his concern that he had worried about the victim’s discovery.”

The problem with this? Police “had not released the victim’s identity until Tuesday”, two days before the interview took place.

During this same interview, documents show Mero consented to a search of his phone and information has been extracted.

After four hours, Mero asked for a lawyer and was released.

The second document shows inmates at the Albany County Jail claim to have had conversations with Mero.

The document says “an inmate at the Albany County Jail had information about the subject case” and detailed for police “conversations with the defendant.”

A judge ruled that all of this would be allowed and denied the request for suppression.

The Albany Water Department Commissioner says Mero is no longer employed by them as of several weeks ago.

Mero, who police say buried countermine on an Albany Water Department access road, has been paid nearly $80,000 by the city over the last two years.

Jury selection for Mero’s trial begins on Wednesday. Opening statements are expected to be heard on Monday.

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