Woman blocked from home following church fire

CANAAN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – One woman is without her home after a fire that happened nearby.

Tina Powers has lived in this home for about a decade. For the last three weeks, she’s been unable to do just that for fear the Canaan Congregational Church’s bell tower and the entire church could collapse right on top of her home.

Lone bricks, charred remains and caution tape are all things preventing Powers from living in her home.

“I’m kind of going day by day. Not sure where I’m going to be at a certain point and when I’m going to be allowed back in.”

It’s been three weeks since a fire at the church displaced her, her two children, and their dog.

“After the fire was out we were informed that we wouldn’t be able to go back into the house because of the winds and that the tower itself and the steeple weren’t safe enough.”

The tall bell tower looming dangerously over her home and is leaving her with more questions than answers.

“We’ve moved from a hotel into a house for a couple of weeks we just miss our home.”

Those with the church say they are making progress on what to do.

They are moving forward with a bid to stabilize the building and will then decide whether to fix it or demolish it and start over. So far, there’s no timeline in place just yet.

Powers said she doesn’t blame anyone for her situation.

“They’ve lost a lot. People have been married here and its been here for years so I understand their hardship.”

She just wants to know when she can move back into her home.

“It’s frustrating. It’s been three weeks now and were still in the same spot as we’ve been in three weeks ago. Nothing’s changed, nothing’s moved.”

Sunday services are being held at the Canaan Fire House for the time being.

Powers says she hopes something can be done to stabilize the church so she can move home for the holidays.

To donate to the Canaan Congregational Church you can email them at redchurch@canaanucc.org.

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