Staying safe and secure shopping online for Cyber Monday

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – With great deals comes great risk this Cyber Monday, the Attorney General and cybersecurity offices are warning shoppers to be careful sharing their personal information as they shop online.

“With convenience comes risk,” Marissa Salzone, Director of Marketing at GreyCastle Security, said.

Even though you can complete most of your holiday shopping with a click of a button, you must be careful to also protect your personal information.

Cyber Monday is one of the number one days for phishing schemes prompting warnings from law enforcement and even the Attorney General’s Office.

According to GreyCastle, Cyber Monday is expected to see sales of around $6.6 billion and with this high volume of shoppers, access to your information becomes much easier.

“A lot of stores will let you save your credit card information for convenience, but that is not convenient for your identity,” Salzone said.

Many sites like Amazon, will let you save your credit card information to make checking out faster. GreyCastle recommends for you to check out as a guest every time instead. Also, be careful about which websites you are buying items from.

“Make sure it has a little lock, next to the URL. That shows that there is a layer of cybersecurity that this is the actual website, it’s been verified.”

Additionally, by keeping a close eye on your credit and debit card information you will be able to catch purchases being made without your consent a lot faster. In fact, GreyCastle encourages shoppers to only use their credit cards when making purchases online

“There are specific insurance policies with your bank that help get your money back if its a credit purchase aside from a debit purchase.”

The Attorney General also issued out a list of do’s and don’ts when shopping online.


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