Hectic Thanksgiving weekend travel comes to a close in the Capital Region

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Families are saying their good byes and wheeling their bags to mark Thanksgiving’s final travel surge. It’s the second biggest day of the year for traveling as everyone heads back home after the holiday weekend.

Trains are becoming a more popular mode of transportation, up 1.1 percent this year.

Now that may not seem like much, but the American Automobile Association (AAA) says that’s an extra 1.48 million people.

AAA says 89 percent of travelers will be on the roads and the worst time to drive is mid-to-late afternoon on Sunday.

Flying is also up this year, with some reports citing air travel as a whole this holiday season will be the biggest it has been since 2013.

“It was easier. I left on Tuesday night and got back midday today so I think that’s a little bit easier,” said Lisa Schievelbein of Albany.

For some travelers, everything went off without a hitch; while others to battle the long lines and traffic to get home for Thanksgiving.

“It was our first year going away Thanksgiving but it could well become a tradition. It was a very good trip,” said Simon Patterson, traveling for the first time on a Thanksgiving weekend.

There are risks of trading in four wheels for two wings, as most frequent flyers know things don’t always go as planned on the itinerary.

“It was a little stressful coming out. We missed our connecting flight. But everything should be fine this time around,” said Molly Flores traveling back to San Diego via Albany.

Instead of flying, Preston Sundin chose to travel nine hours to Cleveland, by train.

“it’s reliable. It’s cheaper than the airlines. You don’t have to go through security and I think overall it’s just a better experience,” Sundin said.

Nearly two million people would agree. According to AAA, that’s how many people decided to travel by track this year.

“It was very crowded. Usually you can find something but this time I had to walk down many of the compartments to try to find a seat,” Sundin said.

Of course the majority of travelers hit the roads.

Whether you beat rush hour or get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, you might just find your patience pays off.

A young child named Brooke said, “It’s been a long travel. I think I am going to be on the nice list.” She said referencing hopes for Santa Claus and presents in a month’s time.

According to the travel app “Waze,” Monday (Nov. 26th) morning at 7 a.m. is best time to drive home.

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