Inspiring Women of the Capital Region: Carolyn McLaughlin

SOUTH ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local woman is making sure she is standing up for those who are feeling voiceless.

“As much as I would like to think I worked hard for the state of New York, which I did, I’d like to think I gave more of me to this,” Carolyn McLaughlin said.

This is Albany, which is home to the honorable to Carolyn. She left for college and then to work in the chemical waste management field for 10 years, came home for the last 30 plus years and dedicated her life to serving the people of the Capital Region in numerous capacities.

She was taught to have a relentless drive for perfection and unwavering dedication to service by her parents.

“If I could help you find proper housing, if I can help you find a job, help your kids get the things they need, that’s what this job has always been about for me because there is a lot of stuff that people don’t know how to access, so it’s up to me to make sure you get the information.”

She leads by example and is always working to inspire others. She is inspired by the process, especially when she became the first African American President of the Albany Common Council, a race she won twice.

“I’m so glad I wasn’t a one-hit wonder. I wanted to be the voice for people who couldn’t speak for themselves, and a voice for people who are intimidated by the process. As inspired as we were about President Obama being the president of the United States, I’d like to think that my being president of the common council meant something to children and other people within the City of Albany.”

She’s got awards and accolades for days because she’s active in several local organizations politics and activism to public speaking. She just ran for mayor, after retiring from a career with the state. So, perhaps, the most inspiring things is how she is constantly able to re-imagine and re-invent herself.

“I’m just retiring from one phase to another, I’m not done. I don’t what I’m going to do next maybe that book or teach. You never know where I’m going to show up but I’ll always have a voice.”

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