Rep. Faso speaks out on GOP tax reform

WASHINGTON (NEWS10) – Although the tax reform bill passed the House last week, out of the nine New York Republican Representatives, five voted against the bill, including Representative John Faso.

“There is a lot in here that is good, and there is some pieces I don’t like,” Congressman John Faso (R-Hudson Valley, Central New York) said.

The big piece, Congressman John Faso, does not like and ultimately a main factor on why he voted against the bill is the elimination of the State and Local Tax deductions, or SALT.

“New York has a problem, we tax people too much, our property taxes are too high, it drives our retirees away, and it drives a lot of entrepreneurial successful people out of our state.”

Despite voting against the bill, the Congressman still hopes that the bill will pass as long as changes are made.

“If there is an impact on state and local taxes, that we can’t avoid, we phase it in, over the number of years, so that we lessen the immediacy of the impact and give Albany a chance to fix its high tax situation.”

Last week, a number of groups called on the Congressman to vote no.

“We blasted Congressman Faso’s tele-town hall with all of our people, asking questions, pushing him to vote no,” Melissa Servant, NYSUT Political Action Coordinator, said.

But the push has not stopped. In fact, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced they will be releasing ads targeting Faso and the other Republican representatives that voted for the tax reform bill. Even though Faso voted no, the committee says he did not make his decision soon enough.

“That’s just bunk. I mean I was thoughtful and deliberate in terms of trying to influence this process and made up my mind based on all the information,” Congressman Faso said.

The Senate is expected to take action on the tax bill sometime after Thanksgiving break.

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