Inspiring Women of the Capital Region: Laurel McAdoo

DELMAR, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Losing a child is the worst thing any parent can face. It happened to single mom of three, Laurel McAdoo, of Delmar, when one of her precious twin boys died from a malignant brain tumor, at nine, in 2012.

It didn’t cripple her and the boy who always smiled despite side effects of radiation and chemo, lives on through the foundation she created. She even uses a symbol of a cupcake he loved to draw, helping others find sweet moments in the darkest of days.

Born two minutes apart, Marcelle then Myles, were inseparable from then on.

“We would both think the same thing and know what the other one was thinking without having to say it,” Marcelle said.

“[At school during recess], they would just run toward each other in this movie set embrace, like they hadn’t seen each other in years,” McAdoo said.

Embracing life thanks to their mom, Laurel. She wouldn’t let Myles diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor, before the twins turned three, ruin their childhood.

“He’s getting chemo in this picture, and Marcelle is back there. He’s just happy back there playing in the kitchen.”

Myles became the face of Albany Med for childhood cancer. Both boys taking part in various fundraisers. Five years later, the news that a different brain tumor would soon take Myles’ life. Money for a bucket list came pouring in from those wanting to help.

“We just had to make the most of whatever time we had.”

A Disney cruise to the Bahamas, one highlight. A strong single mom and her sons enjoying Myles last six months.

He lives on, through the Myles of Smyles Foundation Laurel created using leftover bucket list money.

It helps other families, find joy despite cancer. When Marcelle heard his school buddy Mitch had aggressive cancer, Laurel reached out to the private Corsi’s.

“If someone wants to give you something bright in there, I said, take the bright.”

Laurel arranged for Mitch and his family to see his favorite team the Syracuse Orange, Myles favorite color, in a big game. They stayed in a hotel suite, had Mitch’s favorite, barbecue, and he even scored a GoPro camera.

“It was just the best day!”

Determined to keep Myles’ memory alive and reminding them all to embrace the best in life no matter the circumstances.

“Even in death, I feel like he’s right here,” Marcelle said.

“She knew the right remedy, she knew it.”

Laurel had every student in Mitch and Marcelle’s school,  wearing supportive bracelets too. Helping the Corsi’s is just one example.

Laurel held fundraisers and got financial help from Madi’s Mark, another foundation, helping families affected by cancer.

She helped one young boy meet Tom Brady, another had a room made over, one mom had a weekend of needed pampering, the list goes on. She’s convinced it’s her son Myles who connects her with the families she’s meant to help.

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