Local gym opens designed with people on the spectrum in mind

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Bridging the gap between kids with developmental delays and neurotypical kids has never been easier, at Ring Around the Spectrum, a new sensory gym designed especially for kids with autism and other developmental disabilities located in Latham.


Gym owner Abbe Roberts says everyone is welcome.


“Every single piece of equipment has some sort of therapeutic purpose,” Roberts says.


Ring Around the Spectrum is a new sensory gym designed for people will all different abilities, but all are welcome.


“It’s geared towards children on the spectrum, but literally anybody can use it,” says Roberts. “We’ve had 17-month-olds straight to grown men playing on everything. It’s a lot of fun.”


Everyone is buzzing about the possibilities of the new gym.


In fact, Albany County Legislator Raymond Joice says Saturday, the gym’s opening day, was declared “Ring Around the Spectrum Day” in Albany County.


Roberts says she and her family opened the gym as a place for their ten-year-old son Sean.


“My youngest son is on the spectrum,” says Roberts. “Trying to find a place where he can go, where we weren’t getting those stares if he had a meltdown because he became overwhelmed, is impossible.”


Designed with the help of an expert, this gym has everything a child on the spectrum might require.


Occupational therapist Scott Homer says the equipment at the gym is custom set so kids of any neurological need can find their peace, and find something to play with.


“Bouncing is a really popular activity for kids,” says Homer. “And for the over-stimulated child or adult who needs some time away, this is a beautiful sensory deprivation room. What they do in these types of gyms is give a place where anyone with an aggravated mood can just be chill.”


Kids of all ages and abilities can come on in to Ring Around the Spectrum, sign a waiver, and play six days a week.

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