11/17 Pet Connection: Jazell

Jazell (All American Mix) is a wonderful dog – she gets along with everyone! Jazell is a classic Heinz 57 – maybe a little shepherd, maybe a little lab.

Jazell is a very gentle and affectionate big girl with a happy and active temperament and an affectionate nature. Jazell’s eyes seem to reflect sadness, but her behavior indicates trust and a desire to love.

She is a real sweetheart with a lot of love to share. She is just fine with the other dogs, but when she is alone with you, she eats up every bit of affection! She dances and spins in happiness to be given a chance!

Jazell is a little too interested in cats, so we would prefer a home without any cats.

Jazell loves to suckle her blanket. She will calmly take her blanket, bunch it up and suckle in her crate. She self soothes and puts herself to sleep!

As you can see, she is quite the tennis ball lover… so if you have a little space in your heart and home and would love a family dog that loves walks, hikes and just to be loved, Jazell would be perfect!

11th Hour Rescue 518-223-5589

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