11/16 Pet Connection: Candy

Candy. She is a small 15-month-old female Greyhound and weighs about 47 pounds.

When she was a baby, her momma stepped on her right front leg and broke her elbow. Her owners pinned it for her so it does have calcification there. It is a little larger than her left. When standing she will lift it, but let me tell you, this little girl is a power house.

The farm kept her with her siblings until time for race training and didn’t want her to race, so at 12 months, they reached out to us. I’m not sure if you are aware, but greyhound puppies generally get to stay with their siblings until 12 months when they start race training.

She is still learning house manners. She is playful and very much a puppy that will get into everything if not crated while we are at work. Loves to snuggle, play with toys and go for walks.

I really think she would benefit from another pet in the house. She is cat and small dog workable.

She is a sweet girl and doesn’t mind leaning up again her.

Greyhound Rescue of NY 1-877-278-2194

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