NY GOP financial chairman quits over tax bill

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The House is set to vote on the tax reform bill on Thursday, but not all members are on board, including even New York’s GOP. The Regional Financial chairman for the state’s GOP abruptly quit late on Tuesday over his disdain for this tax bill.

“He knows how bad this is for New York State. I mean the guy calls it a disgrace. It’s going to hurt a lot of middle-class Republicans,” Congressman Thomas Suozzi (D-3rd District) said.

Steve Louro called the tax bill a disgrace when he suddenly quit his position as the state GOP’s regional financial chairman. He said that after the Republican Party took control, they messed up and now this bill will hurt many middle-class Americans.

Congressman Suozzi says he hopes that this will just be the beginning of a long line of Republicans who will refuse to back to this bill.

“It’s very helpful we see these defections from the Republican Party and that’s what we need, Republican votes,” Rep. Thomas said.

Many Republican representatives have already come out and voiced that they will be voting against this bill. Congressmen Chris Collins says they are still fully supporting this tax bill.

“95 to 98 percent of my constituents are going to take the standard deduction so it doesn’t matter if you limit or restrict the SALT or not, they’re not taking it,” Rep. Congressman Collins said.

The spokesperson for the New York GOP said that they would not comment at this time about Louro quitting. She did that while the state GOP supports tax reform they do hope that Congress will be able to keep SALT deductions in place.

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