Another student speaks out against alleged sexual assault at Hudson Valley

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Last week, a Hudson Valley student sat down with NEWS10 ABC in an exclusive interview saying the school swept her rape under the rug.

On Wednesday, another sexual assault victim is coming forward with similar allegations.

“I woke up and because I had been drugged I didn’t know what happened, but I was covered in bruises and I was really sore.”

This Hudson Valley student says she soon realized that she had been raped at the hands of another student, and when school administrators learned about the assault, she says they pushed her to report through the school’s justice system.

“They told me I could go to the police but they were kind of adamant about handling it internally with the school themselves.”

Her story is similar to another student’s account after says she was raped. She says that a room full of school officials encouraged her not to take the case to police.

“I was just expecting to talk to a Title IX coordinator, but when I walked into the room there were six people there.”

“Having to sit in a room full of people that I didn’t know didn’t have a basis for a relationship with and have to tell them this super violating thing that happened to me was terrifying.”

So the internal investigations began, but both students say they felt the system failed them.

“I felt like it was getting more and more hopeless as time went on.”

“They said that since I was on drugs that night I couldn’t be trusted and my testimony couldn’t be listened to. I was so stressed that they did not believe me after forcing me into cases.”

The school refused to go on camera to talk to us last week. On Wednesday the school stated that no one was available.

The school sent a second statement on Wednesday:

“The [Title IX] coordinator holds an investigative meeting with the reporting student and ensures that the student is aware of her/his rights (including the right to report a crime to local or state law enforcement).”

Both of the alleged attackers now walk free and the students say they felt their only real option was to leave Hudson Valley.

“I had to pick up my life and move five hours away just to get away from this guy.”

“School just didn’t feel like the same place anymore.”

The school said that students can go through a process of appeals if they do not get the result they want through the school justice system.

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