Local community would allow burial with pets

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Glens Falls City Councilors are proposing a law that would allow pets to be buried with their owners.

In a cemetery, family plots ensure loved ones are together for all eternity. When you consider your dog or cat as a part of the family, you wouldn’t want to leave them behind.

Pets maker our life a little happier, so why not our afterlife too?

“I’d love it. I wouldn’t mind being buried with my dog.”

Mary Willie knows the feeling of losing a beloved pet.

“It’s hard but, we love them, they’re like our family.”

State law already allows you to be buried with your pet but a proposed local law will regulate what has become a popular practice.

“I think we see it more and more simply because of the ability of animals to bring warmth to people and companionship.”

Paul Dietrich co-owns Carlton Funeral Home and knows how important this final wish can be.

“My dad is buried with a couple of his little kittens and whatnot and they meant the world to him”

The proposed law requires a $50 fee and the pets remains must be buried at the same time as the person in the same plot. Everyone says they are supportive even though they’re taken aback.

“I was surprised.”

It’s different but hey I figure if it’s up to the individual you know.”

Dietrich says that just how people want to be buried with their favorite pets and giving surviving family members a peace of mind.

If you’d like to have a say on the matter, a public hearing on the local will be held at the end of the month.

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