Inspiring Women of the Capital Region: Marggie Skinner

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – One woman in the Capital Region has done it all when it comes to volunteering in the Capital Region.

“Sweet potatoes are cool I’ll get some sweet potatoes.”

It wasn’t sweet potatoes but a sweet lady that brought me to st. Vincent’s Food Pantry in Albany. Meet Marggie Skinner. For 40 years, she’s been finding hungry souls and filling them up.

Why not just write a check?

“It’s one step away. I get to see those benefiting from it. I get to know them and talk to them so you see what you’re doing and see that it does good.”

She does good in other places too like volunteering one day a week at the City Mission Health Clinic, tending to the homeless.

“I like doing the hands on providing care and services as opposed to sitting back and doing that. It’s good for me.”

Her co-workers are in awe of her energy and commitment.

“She is an amazing woman and she keeps taking on more and she keeps going more.”

In fact, just as NEWS10 ABC’s John Gray was wrapping up my interview with Marggie she sprang this on me

“One other thing, I go to prison once a week”

That’s right; she drives an hour south, once a week to teach bible study to hardcore criminals at Coxsackie Correctional.

“You’re nourishing their souls but also their bodies. You know I think we have such a bond with the prisoners.”

Those bonds are found in everything Marggie touches. Claire Malone has been her friend forever.

“I’ve known her for I think 40 years. So this is the way she’s been always. She’s just kind of amazing.”

Marggie’s advice to all of us is to pay attention to your neighbors, especially the less fortunate

“Get to know these people. That’s what’s so important. We’re all here. We’re all under the same climate, roof, and all that. We all need each other to survive.”

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