Gov. Cuomo fundraising in California

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Governor Andrew Cuomo has been in California on Monday and Tuesday raising campaign money but is it for governor or president?

“His priorities are all wrong. We have significant problems here in New York State,” Jessica Proud, Spokesperson for New York GOP, said.

These problems, Proud says are the high taxes and a large number of people and businesses leaving the state.

“People really deserve a governor who is going to be focused on those problems instead of his own, personal ambitions, this pie in the sky idea that he has to run for president.”

Yet, Governor Andrew Cuomo is not the first high-level political leader to leave the state in search of campaign money.

“It’s normal for the leadership of any organization,” Assemblyman John McDonald (D-Cohoes) said. “I recall the day, I love Joe Bruno and he used to go to Florida for fundraisers and that’s part of what leadership is supposed to do.”

Assemblyman McDonald says this trip should also be seen as an opportunity.

“Does he raise funds? I’m sure he does. Does he also maybe make connections with people who might want to do business in New York State? I hope so,” Assemblyman McDonald said.

Gov. Cuomo has continuously insisted that he just plans to run for re-election as Governor in 2018. The Republican Party did announce on Tuesday, a few names that are looking to run against him, such as Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, Senator John DeFrancisco from Syracuse, and Harry Wilson.

So far, Gov. Cuomo has raised around $25 million in campaign contributions.

The governor cannot use his state account to fund a potential presidential campaign.

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