Comic Con brings superheros to life in Saratoga

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Ever wanted to dress up like your favorite superhero? Well thousands had the opportunity Sunday, as the 6th annual Comic Con wrapped up in Saratoga and fans came out to the spa city to bring their favorite characters to life.

Comic con is an event for fans to have fun and geek out while celebrating their favorite fandoms and no matter what you love, you’ll find your kryptonite here.

“Comic Con is basically like a comic and pop culture event. So you’re looking at toys. You know, Marvel and DC are hot right now; artists, comics, plenty of comic vendors here [and] video games,” said Samuel Chase, President of Saratoga Comic Con.

Around every corner, there was something or someone to see. It was a day to escape reality and think about the really important questions.

But for one Canadian man, conventions like these are about more than just “cosplay,” they’re about raising money for a very personal cause.

“I got a call from my girlfriend saying that her brother took her own life, so I changed my focus toward suicide prevention and since then we’ve traveled around and raised money for suicide prevention. We clown around with you, we take pictures, we entertain, and in exchange, you give a donation,” said Pierre Farah Lajoie from Canada.

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